• Buddhist Prodigy, a white chocolate, white stout. Sweet, creamy and dangerous at 8% 
  • Christa, a full of life, atypical blonde ale named after my full of life, atypical (in a good way)blonde wife! Hopped with a lot of mosaic hops and fermented with such a non-blonde ale yeast. abv 5%
  • Worthy Moscow Moose Pale Ale, This adventurous beer is based on an American pale ale and inspired by the Moscow Moose cocktail. The ginger and rye are present, but subtle. The wild card is the use of lime, which shines through on the finish. 5.5% abv
  • Hawaiian Dashboard Dancer w/coconut. Our 6.5% Milkshake IPA with Citra and Vic Secret hops, fermented on Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, pineapple and for this round coconut.
  • Pretty Please Milkshake IPA, the same malt base as HDD but fermented on bing cherries and Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, 6.5% abv